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Physical injury, running knee pain

Female, 43 years old

Debilitating Knee Pain

No history of specific trauma

Over course of 2 years, knee pain worsened to point of not being able to climb stairs (she had to climb sideways), or get out of her car without almost collapsing pain.

She had to stop all exercise for 6 months due to pain

Ligament tears noted in knee joint. History of arthritis


Day 0: Injection

Treatment begins

1 Week After

Able to run up and down staris with minimal pain

4 Weeks After

Able to squat with almost no pain

Patient describes as 80% better

2 Months After

Able to return to exercise: Pain free running, squatting, lifting

Patient describes as 95% better

regenerative medicine 1


regenerative medicine 2

Week After

regenerative medicine 3

Weeks After

regenerative medicine 4

Weeks After

Female, 54 years old

Physical Therapist

Debilitating Bilateral Knee Pain

Numerous knee dislocations to both knees – over 20 x’s

Recommended arthroscopic surgery at age 22. Told she would need knee replacement in 40’ or 50’s.

Did rehab, nutrition (glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate), chiropractic, HA injections

For past 30 years: Could not sit crisscross, wear high heels for more than a couple hours, run at all, difficulty going up and down stairs, could not do a full squat.

Day 0: Injection

Treatment begins

1 Week After

Mild inflammation in knees

4 Weeks After

Able to wear heels for a 2-day conference. Able to do full squat and get case of water to bottom of shopping cart

12 Weeks After

Started running, pain free squatting

Patient describes as 95% better

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