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Synergy Health Medical Center


Regain Your Life

We have helped thousands of people regain their health with effective, drug-free, non-invasive treatments. Now is a good time to get started!

Revitalize Yourself

Transform your body with effective treatments that include a holistic approach to healing. It is time you live life to its fullest!

Live Pain Free

Over 25 years of experience helping patients end pain and discomfort from a variety of chronic conditions by correcting the cause of the problem. Our goal is to help you as well!

Our Mission

Your Maximum Health

As the name implies, here at “Synergy” we work together through an integrated team approach of a medical team, a rehabilitation team, and a chiropractic team to achieve maximum individual results for each patient.

Treatments & Services

We offer a wide variety of drug-free, non-invasive treatments to heal or improve a variety of ailments and conditions.



Arthritis treatment focuses on results by improving joint function, as opposed to just covering up symptoms.



Providing full maximum restoration of function following injury or chronic condition.


Lower Back Pain

Taking steps to correct, strenghten and protect your back to stop pain for good.



PRP (platelet rich plasma) micro needling for wrinkles and skin health • Sclerotherapy for removal of varicose veins


Medical Marihuana

Safe alternative to dangerous medications for chronic pain suffereres.


Regenerative Medicine

Utilizing cellular tissue product to stimulate the regeneration of your own body’s tissues in people with joint injury or degeneration.



Healing & rehabilitation programs to alleviate and prevent recurring sciatica issues, by identifying and correcting the cause.



Migraine treatment is aimed at finding and correcting the cause in order to prevent future attacks.


Anti Aging

• Hormone therapy
• Hair loss treatment
• Regenerative medicine


Weight Loss

Reach your weight loss goals faster with safe, effective and doable regiments.

We Are Passionate About Healthy Living!

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